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 I was happy to be invited to a Glam Party this weekend by local blogger and MUA, Desiree Hadley. There was handmade copper jewelry by @__bypurple for sale, an aesthetician for waxing, a makeup artist to get a customized makeup look, and yummy sweet treats! Check out Urban Girl Magazine to keep up with the latest trends in fashion, beauty, music and other local events

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Underbreast Jewelry-Inspired Jagua Tattoo Tutorial


Hi! :)

Hope you all are having a wonderful day!

Back in January, I was obsessing over @gloryofhenna's waist henna tattoos and loved how jewelry-like they looked. There were a lot of beaded details and draping along the waist and I really wanted to recreate that! Unfortunately, tattoos in such places cannot be done by yourself, so I figured this would be a great idea for summer Hennafly photoshoots. 

However, just a few days later I received a request from a friend who wanted an under-breast/waist tattoo for her trip to the Dominican Republic! I was elated :) She showed me a design recently posted by @veronicalilu on her Instagram page that she was interested in, and that's how this video came to be! I've attached a few photos below of her GORGEOUS dark jagua stain in DR, with her permission. Follow her art on Instagram @DoodledByMel



Welcome to my blog

     Hi :) Hope you all are having a wonderful day! 

     There are so many social media platforms in existence today, but I still feel like nothing can compare to a personable blog post. Today is day one. I'll be posting my thoughts on henna trends and sharing exclusive sneak-peeks to videos and events for you here on my website blog! To those who follow me everywhere (snapchat, instagram, facebook, youtube), you all are the best and I want to provide information on this blog for those of you who always want to know a little more.

     I'm not currently sure where "Hennafly" is going, but it is headed on an exciting path that now you can join me on! 

     Thanks ♡

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