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     The art of henna has been practiced for over 5000 years in Pakistan, India, Africa, and the Middle East. It was primarily used for healing and cooling purposes, but adornment is the most popular use for henna, especially during special occasions.  The most popular tradition associated with henna is the Mehandi Night where friends and family of the bride get together to celebrate the wedding with songs and dances. The bride usually is adorned a day before the Mehandi Night to enjoy the festivities and achieve a darker stain for her wedding day. Tradition holds that the darker the stain the better the marriage and better the mother-in-law will be!

Bridal Henna Trial

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How do I prepare for my bridal henna trial? 

Make sure the area for henna application is free from lotions, oils, and perfumes. This ensures a greater penetration of the temporary dye into the top layers of your skin. Waxing, manicures, and pedicures should be done prior as they will fade the henna stain on the top layers of your skin. 


Henna Trial and Henna After-care Advice

  • Henna paste is applied to clean, dry skin. One simple henna design will be applied from wrist to fingertip on the inside and outside of your hands. 
  • Henna takes approximately 45 minutes to dry on the skin.
  • When the henna paste has dried on the skin, it is recommended to use a cotton ball to dab a 1:1 mixture of sugar and lemon juice (or lime juice) onto the henna design for a stronger color payoff. 
  • After the sugar-lemon juice mixture is applied, medical tape is placed over the areas of dried henna paste to keep the dried henna pieces from falling off before it has completely stained the skin. 
  •  For the best result, keep the henna on for 6-8 hours. If you are planning to sleep with the henna on, be aware that it will stain anything it comes in contact with including bed sheets, comforters, clothing, and even other areas of skin. 
  • To remove the paste, slowly remove the medical tape and rub off any henna paste that is sticking to the skin. DO NOT WASH WITH WATER. In the first 24 hours, try to have little contact with water as the henna will fade faster when it's fresh. Avoid swimming in chlorinated water, hot showers, detergents, and activities where your hands will be soaked or in contact with chemicals in these first 24 hours to make the henna last longer.


*Bridal henna trials are free upon contract submission. If a bridal trial is requested prior to contract submission, the appointment will be $20 plus a travel fee.

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